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Sherwin Kevy, DDS on Renewed Funding for the Special Diabetes Program

In early 2013, lawmakers passed an extension of $150 million in support for the Special Diabetes Program. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF), an organization that has focused its fundraising efforts on the prevention and treatment of Type 1 diabetes, reported that the extension would provide continued funding through September 2014.

The JDRF led the legislative push to bring members of both parties together to support the extension that provides the National Institute of Health (NIH) with over 35 percent of its annual funding for diabetes research. However, with funding only guaranteed through 2014, the JDRF’s work to maintain financial commitments of this kind continues despite the recent victory.

About the Author: Dr. Sherwin Kevy is a dentist possessing over 30 years of experience. He is particularly interested in supporting the youth in his community and supports the efforts of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.


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Oral Hygiene Tips from Dr. Sherwin Kevy

Throughout his career as a dentist, Sherwin Kevy, DDS, has established himself as a dedicated and compassionate professional. In addition to providing top-quality clinical care at his practice, Dr. Kevy encourages his patients to practice good oral hygiene at home, thereby reducing the need for serious dental procedures. Here follows a brief list of his dental hygiene tips.

Brush and floss after every meal: After you eat a meal, food particles will inevitably become stuck between your teeth. Left unchecked, these particles can give rise to a biofilm of colonizing bacteria known as plaque. To prevent the formation of plaque, use a toothpaste with fluoride and brush your tongue to eliminate mouth-borne bacteria. In the same vein, flossing helps remove the hard-to-reach particles between your teeth.

Maintain a healthy diet: Candies, sodas, juices, and other foods high in sugar can wear away the enamel of the teeth and leave them prone to cavities. Make a point to eat foods such as meats, nuts, and dairy products, which provide the calcium and vitamins necessary to strengthen enamel.

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