Could Vitamin D Protect Teeth?

As a dentist, Sherwin Kevy, DDS, often counsels his patients about proper nutrition in order to promote oral health Dr. Sherwin Kevy, who practices in Montgomery Village, Maryland, and other dentists may need to increase their emphasis on the importance of Vitamin D for strong and healthy teeth. According to a study published in the December 2012 issue of Nutrition Reviews, Vitamin D may help protect teeth against cavities.

The meta-study analyzed data from 24 previous studies, which included 3,000 children over a 60 year period. Some of the children in the studies received Vitamin D supplements through UV radiation, cod liver oil, or other methods. The studies showed that receiving adequate amounts of Vitamin D could cut the incidence of tooth decay in half. The study may shed light on why America is seeing rising rates of tooth decay in youth. Many children are not receiving adequate supplies of Vitamin D, especially since children no longer receive much exposure to sunlight and outdoor play. The researchers warned that pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as young children, need to receive healthy amounts of Vitamin D.


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